production line


LOG park

 This is what forms the stock of the 
company. The logs are usually brought
by logging.
Then, an operator defines the quality of

the logs.

sawing head

Bicoupe + slabber sawing line. The slabber makes it possible to value the related products directly and increases the sawing capacity by 15 to 30%. The sorting of related products will create added value on the product.


This stage is essential beacause it is here that one carries out the qualitative sorting and the straightening of the wood. Then, the products are reconditioned to determine which one will come out. To do this, the correct information must be given to the head sawer.


Putting the boards to the correct width.


This step makes it possible to increase the sharpness of the head saw. In fact, the less you change ribbon the more you save time and therefore money.

K2 processing

Machining center for framing, computer-aided. Machining timber without measurement, without tracing and without time out - for sections from 20 x 50 mm to 300 x 450 mm and whatever the lengths.