forestRY management

Forestry management involves prior knowledge of the lots offered for sale by both the ONF and private owners. It is a production process that applies to a set of trees in order to convey them to a recovery site. It refers to the different methods of tree felling and timber haulage to sawmills and other forest products processing plants.

  • 20 000 m3/year, part of this volume came in logs for slicing, cooperage or other,
  • Selection of lots within a 250 km radius of the sawmill with a good percentage of quality oak depending on the sawmill requirements of 17 000 m3/year, this corresponds to about 550 trucks,
  • The selected oak trees come from managed forests often PEFC certified and are 100 to 180 years old,
  • The expertise of the batch is done tree by tree to determine the quality of the wood and the value,
  • The lots are sold at auction, by sealed bids,
  • The timber is awarded to the highest bidder and then we have one year to do the logging and work with our teams on logging, skidding (depending on weather conditions), logs to the sawmill.